Lincupan Elementary Backpack Project - Delivered Oct. 20, 2005

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We are extending our appreciation to the officers and members of Quintinians of Southern California specially to
their President, Mr. Ernie Tactay for the support they rendered to this project. A special thanks goes to
Carlo & Susan Semano for spearheading the distribution of the backpacks to the 15 Elementary
Schools in San Quintin! They spent the first 5 days of their vacation going to every barrio
just to make sure the backpacks will be handed directly to the indigent pupils.
A personal thanks also goes to our staff based in Tayug, Cherryl Macaraeg, Gerald Mamenta, Marybelle Bing Tullao,
Joselito Cuison and Christina Macaraeg Cuison who unselfishly share their time to the success of this project.

Snapshots of San Quintin Central School | Pictures of Barangay Schools - Courtesy of the Semano Family
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